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Private ticket

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The Private ticket offers you enjoying the Zipline Dolinka tour among your family or friends, with no other guest in the group. The minumum number of participants is 4.

Our aim is enabling a wonderful experience for the visitors who love being active and making them aware of the environmental values at the same time. We combine the elements that complement and support each other: the attractive surroundings of the zipline through the valley, where the river flows through forests and wetlands, supports the idea of the natural coexistence and serves as a background that makes the guests wish to support sustainable thinking.

The trip includes 7 zipline cables that are between 300 m and 700 m long and have an overall length of 4 km. Individual Ziplines are connected with interesting forest and field trails. There are also several stops which offer an insight into flora and fauna and give a spectacular view to the peaks of Mt. Triglav, Stol and Babji zob.