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Private Zipline Dolinka Tour

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Enjoy the breathtaking Zipline Dolinka tour in an exclusive setup with our Private Ticket. Perfect for those seeking a more personal and intimate experience, this option lets you relish the exhilarating zipline tour among your own family or friends, with no other guests in the group. Please note, a minimum of four participants is required for this private adventure.

Our mission is to offer an unforgettable, active experience while fostering awareness of environmental values. We seamlessly blend the thrilling adventure with the beautiful natural surroundings. As you zip through the picturesque valley, with the river meandering through forests and wetlands, you'll be reminded of the harmony of nature. This scenic backdrop often inspires our guests to appreciate and support sustainable thinking.

The journey includes an impressive lineup of seven zipline cables, ranging between 300 m and 700 m in length, culminating in a total thrilling length of 4 km. These individual ziplines are connected by fascinating forest and field trails.

Throughout the trip, we make several stops that allow for deeper insight into the local flora and fauna. Not to mention, these stops offer magnificent views of the towering peaks of Mt. Triglav, Stol, and Babji Zob.

Join us on this Private Zipline Dolinka tour, perfect for adventurers who value privacy, natural beauty, and thrilling experiences.