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Our story

Our team is made up of locals from both sides of the river, all of whom are driven by a vision of sustainable development as well as preserving the natural and cultural heritage between the Karavanke mountain range and the Julian Alps.

“The Carniolan countryside has no greater beauty than this image of paradise”

France Prešeren, 1800–1849, the greatest Slovenian poet, born in the village Vrba, lying on the left river bank of Sava Dolinka.

Our river

The Dolinka River – behind the name lies a story of a proud community who refused to allow the government to threaten the river and its surrounding area. In 2004 the local people organised a referendum and successfully overturned the government’s plan to build a dam which would have caused a devastating impact to the valley.

Today the valley is thriving and functions as a natural and unspoiled connection between Bled and Vrba – birthplace of Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren. Vrba is just one of many villages in the area which is a jewel of Slovenain Literature. Join us and support the conservation of our beautiful, natural and rich cultural heritage on the sunny side of the Alps. 

More about the Cultural Heritage Path.

The natural value of the Dolinka valley has been considered from the very start of the zipline project. With minimal interference to the surrounding area the cables and trails were put in place and the route was established, visitors can now experience the river and valley in a whole new way.

Our approach

For two decades the locals have been successfully keeping the valley intact. Here at Zipline Dolinka we aim to raise awareness to the valley’s natural importance and promote the region to visitors and share our story.

All seven zipline trails were carefully chosen so that no trees were cut down or damaged. The cables were placed with the help of the best modern technology and a drone was used to ensure that the vegetation beneath the ropes suffered no negative impact. We believe we have managed to create something that gives visitors the most authentic insight into the key natural features of the valley without causing disruption to nature.