A real adventure

The Zipline Dolinka leads its visitors through an outdoor adventure across the exceptional Sava Dolinka river which is only a short distance from the Bled lake. It is a nice opportunity for exploring, learning, enjoying activity and thrill in the air, all in extraordinary beautiful surroundings.

Sustainable nature tourism

For two decades the locals have been successfully keeping the valley intact and for that reason, the zipline trip is trying to get the inhabitants and visitors familiar with the results of those efforts and make a new step towards the awareness of the valley’s natural importance. Our guides are the first ones who spread the story of the valley and at this point we are breaking new ground in promoting sustainable nature tourism.

Authentic insight into natural values

The natural value of the valley has been considered from the very start of the project. The zipline cables and the trails try not to interfere with the surroundings, while at the same time they give visitors the most authentic insight into key natural values and features of the valley.

Natural approach

All five zipline trails were carefully chosen so that no trees were cut down. The zipline cables were placed with the help of the most modern technology, even using a drone, and without any negative influence on the vegetation beneath the ropes.