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Our story

Meet our dedicated team, a group of passionate locals hailing from both riverbanks, united by a shared vision of fostering sustainable development and preserving the rich natural and cultural heritage nestled between the Karavanke mountain range and the Julian Alps. Our roots run deep in this enchanting region, allowing us to approach conservation with an insider’s knowledge and a fervent dedication to safeguarding our beautiful landscape for future generations. Explore with us, and become part of a community dedicated to harmonizing progress and preservation in this stunning corner of the world.

“The Carniolan countryside has no greater beauty than this image of paradise”

France Prešeren, 1800–1849, the greatest Slovenian poet, born in the village Vrba, lying on the left river bank of Sava Dolinka.

Our river, your adventure

Discover the tale behind the Dolinka River, a testament to the resilience of a community who valiantly defended their beloved river and its surrounding lands. In 2004, this indomitable community rallied, organized a referendum, and successfully thwarted government plans to construct a dam that would have inflicted catastrophic damage on the valley.

Today, this valley is a flourishing oasis, serving as a pristine and untouched link between Bled and Vrba, the birthplace of Slovenia’s esteemed poet, France Prešeren. Vrba is just one of many villages in this area, each a luminous pearl in the tapestry of Slovenian Literature. We invite you to join us in preserving our vibrant, natural and rich cultural heritage nestled in the sun-drenched embrace of the Alps.

Learn more on our Cultural Heritage Path.

The natural beauty of the Dolinka valley has always been at the heart of our zipline project. With utmost respect for the environment, we’ve minimally modified the terrain to install our cables and trails, creating an innovative way for visitors to experience the river and valley from a unique perspective. Come join us and experience this enchanting valley like never before!

Our approach

For two decades, local custodians have diligently preserved the valley’s pristine charm. At Zipline Dolinka, our mission extends beyond just exhilarating outdoor adventures. We’re passionately committed to raising awareness of the valley’s natural significance, promoting the region to visitors, and sharing the inspiring story of our community’s resilience.

Every one of our seven zipline trails has been meticulously designed to respect and preserve the local environment. No trees were sacrificed or harmed in their creation. Leveraging modern technology and drones, we positioned the cables to ensure the lush vegetation beneath the ziplines remained undisturbed and intact. Our goal is to offer visitors an authentic insight into the valley’s stunning natural features, while ensuring our activities harmonize with nature, not disrupt it.

Join us for an unforgettable journey above the canopy, and experience the valley’s breathtaking beauty in a way that also respects and preserves its future.