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Domov » Blog » Is Zipline Suitable If I Have a Fear of Heights?

Is Zipline Suitable If I Have a Fear of Heights?

  • 2 min read

‘Let’s go ziplining’, how do those three words make you feel? Excited, or terrified because you have a fear of heights?

Many of our guests experience fear or nerves before their first zipline ride. At Zipline Dolinka, safety is our number one priority. We take the time to familiarise guests with the equipment and practice on a short training line, which is low to the ground. Understanding and trusting the equipment is the key to overcoming any nerves, and if you need to gain your confidence on the practice line, then you can ride it as many times as you feel are needed.

We’ve had the pleasure of guiding thousands of guests through our unique zipline experience, and we make sure that everyone feels safe and confident before we embark on the seven main ziplines. Our instructors will talk through any concerns you may have. With their patience and guidance, many people have overcome their fears and proceeded with the adventure.

If you do find yourself unable to proceed, our driver will bring you back to our meeting point, where you can relax and we will give you a full refund.

The truth is, you won’t know until you try it, but we’ve seen enough people conquer their fear of heights to confidently say that we bet you won’t turn around. And, you will finish the experience with a smile on your face.