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A Day Trip from Ljubljana

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Many of Slovenia’s tourists head straight to the capital city of Ljubljana, where city-breakers have plenty of museums, architecture, markets, and souvenir stores to explore.

If you are just in town for a few days perhaps you’re not thinking about going further afield. But, here’s a few suggestions that might just tempt you over to the foothills of the Julian Alps.

Bled is just 55 kilometres from Ljubljana and easily reached by road within one hour, or 90 minutes by rail. Leaving you plenty of time to explore some of the wonders of this picturesque little town. 

It may just be a little town, but Bled has a big heart. It really does! The ‘Heart of Bled’ sculpture can be found on the east side of the lake, where it has been carefully placed to frame the picturesque island inside it. 

There’s a wide range of activities to choose from in the area, but if you’re looking to try something a little different, then continue north to our office and join one of our zipline tours. During the two and half hour, 4 kilometre tour, you can fly through the air above some of the region’s most beautiful natural spaces, enjoying a unique bird’s-eye view.

Once your feet are firmly back on the ground you could grab a light lunch, then head a few kilometres north and take a stroll through the breathtakingly beautiful Vintgar Gorge. The wooden bridges and walkways will lead you through the gorge and over the dazzling blue Radovna River, providing you with more wonderful photography opportunities.

Next stop, back to Bled for a gentle boat ride on one of the pletna boats. Relax and take it easy on your short journey over to Bled Island. This tiny island is home to several historical sights, and gives visitors a different perspective of the lake and castle.

If there’s time left in your day, then a visit to the castle should be on your itinerary. But if the minutes are ticking down too quickly, then marvelling at one of Slovenia’s oldest and most stunning castles from afar, will still leave you in awe.

You’ll no doubt be hungry by now, so the option of staying for a meal in one of the many great restaurants around the lake would end the day perfectly. Or, head back to Ljubljana and look through your fantastic collection of photos. What a great Insta-story you will have to share!

These are just a few of our favourite suggestions for visitors to Bled, but there’s so much to enjoy you’ll just have to plan another trip.

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